The Roamers are a new Landcare group inspired to make a difference in the Huon Valley.

The Roamers are taking the approach that Landcare can be whatever you want it to be – education, experience, appreciation, caring. The Roamers will be running traditional on-ground projects with a bit of a twist, and some one-off events. Activities will include planting, weeding and track work, but also kids’ programs, discovery trails, art, craft or photography classes, social media projects, pop-up events (e.g. open-air exhibitions, theatre, music, dance), regatta days, wrapper-free picnics, twilight events, men’s shed projects and many others.

We have seen other Landcare volunteers working across the Huon Valley to increase community access and enjoyment of coasts, rivers, parks and reserves – and we want to help too! Our aim is to complement existing Landcare activities and offer alternative experiences to members of the community who aren’t able to commit to regular working bees or Committee meetings. We want to help to capture the energies of busy volunteers, and to enable them to work at a time and pace that suits them, on a project of their choice and inspiration. 


The Roamers’ website is still a work in progress, but ultimately, it will enable volunteers to nominate a time and day when they wish to work on a specific project. Providing that they are familiar with the site safety and project plans for that area, a calendar entry will be made enabling other Roamers members to attend at that time to do some work. 

It’s about adjusting Landcare to your schedule, rather than adjusting your schedule to Landcare. 


Perhaps you have some inspirational ideas yourself! The Roamers can help you to play a part in the Valley. Let the Roamers know how you would like to contribute.

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